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Welcome to Hopeless, Maine. An island steeped in evil...I mean steeped in history. Meet Salamandra, an ordinary orphan girl, just one of many other orphans on the island (come to think of it, where did all the grown ups go?). Sal faces the normal, everyday struggles of being a teenager- avoiding fell creatures of the night, trying not to get eaten by the aquatic fauna and finding something to do on a Saturday night. Like all young people, Sal can't wait to get out of her dead end home.

Unlike most teens, if she doesn't get out she probably will wind up dead. At least Salamandra has a best friend! It's a shame that no-one else can see her friend but then nobody's perfect, are they? On top of all this there are her boy troubles.


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Additional Information
  • Created by Tom and Nimue Brown
  • This book collects Hopeless, Maine book 1 and 2
  • Hopeless, Maine webcomic
  • 148 mm x 210mm
  • 248 full colour pages
  • soft-back
  • ISBN: 978-1-908830-12-8
  • £13.99